Welcome to Fashionista in the Oven

This is our first official post and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a 16 year-old fashionista from a beautiful place called A Coruña. It is located in Galicia, a land of green trees and blue rivers, washed by the wild and immense Atlantic Ocean.

My home is the place of great legends and tales, of beautiful landscapes and views and of tasty and fulfilling food. However, our studio is located in Barcelona. There is where my Baker lives. If you are from Barcelona, you will probably recognize some locations from our shootings, I love the cosmopolitan and adventurous environment of the city and I never miss the chance to jump out of the car and take some pictures when there is a place that catches my eye.

Fashionista in the Oven was born out of a simple concept. There should be no rules in fashion. Beauty is about charisma more than symmetric facial features and, with hard work and determination, anyone can become anything.

I am still a teenager and, as you can imagine, hard work and determination does not sound too good to me. I like to hang out with my friends and watch tv, just like everyone else. But it is all worth it after every shooting.

Fashionista in the oven is our little sponge cake. We have been mixing the ingredients without following a clear recipe for a long time and today is the moment when we finally turn the oven on. We cannot wait to see what comes out of this!

Thank you for reading me and stay tuned for more!

cristina / 04/01/2014 / Fashion / 0 Comments