The Wedding Day is The Most Important Day of A Woman’s Life

Wedding day being among the most memorable days in a woman’s life,dressing should be considered important. However, days before the wedding day will be loaded with an enormous scope of diverse decisions, from dressing ,flower arrangements to taking the cake. During this day, the bride’s wedding dress is the most critical aspect of her general appearance, the significance of an incredible pair of bridal shoes can’t be overlooked. To date,the economy makes it difficult to splurge on each aspect of a wedding, and discovering affordable,durable and crystal high heels is regularly an approach to save some cash. At the point when shopping around for the best value in bridal shoes, there are aspects to be considered:

Wedding Day
Style is the most obvious consideration when you are shopping for the bridal shoes.lf you find that the shoes don’t match your dress, they are not the best for you Various diverse designs exist, from simple shoes to more elaborate ones with decorations appended to them. The two fundamental types of fabric used in swarovski crystal heels are satin and silk, and most of the shoes you’ll discover will use one of the fore mentioned materials. Regardless of material, you should always make certain that your shoes match your dress to the best.

Height of your shoe heel is also a consideration when purchasing crystal high heel shoes. The tailor makes wedding gowns bearing in mind that height is an aspect when designing. This means that, heel height of your shoes will influence the way your dress will be fitted. Consequently, it is imperative to consider the heel’s size on your crystal heels, especially when your dress is fitted and finished. On the off chance that it was fitted because of heels and you select shoes that are flat soled,in that case, your dress will drag on the ground during your wedding.

comfort should be a consideration that most brides do not consider.They forget they will probably be wearing their wedding gown and shoes for quite a while.Apart from the wedding,also consider the gathering and the process of taking countless wedding photos, and you could be standing for quite a long time This is the reason why you should never overlook comfort when purchasing crystal heels. Your wedding day is intended to be special, and there is absolutely no compelling reason to spend it in sheer distress because of your stylish.This facts will make you to be taking a look at your gorgeous wedding photos for quite a long time.

wedding day

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How to Choose the Perfect sparkly wedding shoes

For most women, their love for shoes is actually a lifelong thing that is often undeterred by some things like comfort and practicality. However, choosing the best wedding shoes for your special day ShopLilian can prove to be difficult and challenging. That’s why it’s important to consider certain factors when looking for specific kind of shoes for your special wedding day. If you’re looking for silver  wedding shoes, here some pointers to help you choose the perfect pair of shoes.

1. The theme of your shoes

Most bribes-to-be like to theme their weddings, so it will be a good idea to involve your wedding heels in your preferred theme as well. Look for silver wedding shoes that will be in-line with your hearted silver-themed wedding. If you’ve a  flair for themes and style, try to make sure that everything is flawless. Try to match all your embellishments up — silver-colored jewels, a sparkly dress or other pearl features can do for you.

2. Choose the right heel height for you

If you’re a stiletto-loving bride you may need to compromise on heel-height, consider if your husband-to-be will be in any way embarrassed during wedding photos or at the altar, especially if you’re towering above him. Simply buy wedding heels with a heel height you’ll be comfortable with. It may backfire if a sudden desire to begin tottering in five-inch heels because it’s your special day, just stick to your height.

3. Collaborate with  your wedding dress

If you’re looking for the right wedding shoes, work your silver wedding dress  to find the right silver pair of shoes. You can use material swatches to compare and contrast your shoes and dress. When choosing silver wedding heels, make sure your dress is also silver. Always choose a shoe that matches your wedding dress color.

4. Pick the style of shoes you love

A need for your feet to be ultra-comfortable all day long doesn’t simply mean jeopardizing on a given style. Pick silver wedding shoes you will love wearing and treasure for many years to come. Unlike a wedding dress, if you choose the right pair can be used again in other future events. You want to feel sexy and beautiful on your special moment, good shoes is the best pick-me-up. Avoid fretting over following fashion trends.

5. Pick wedding shoes compatible to the wedding surroundings

Choose a pair of shoes suitable and matching your wedding venue. For instance, wedding heels that are flats and wedges are suitable for garden weddings and for beach weddings, silver flat sandals can do best. Basically, there is a variety of bridal silver wedding heels available out there to suit various wedding environments.

Conclusively, when looking for the right silver wedding shoes, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. They will help you find the best pair of shoes to wear during your special occasion.

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From Points to Heels

I have been trying to relax but it has been an impossible mission… The weather was not very helpful either, it was raining all day and I almost forgot we are supposed to be in summer! It is very depressing.

As those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already know, today I will write about something I have been doing ever since I learnt how to walk. Dance.

My mother says I was a slow learner when it came to learn how to walk. However, I was much faster when it came to speak! It took me a while to be on two feet and she thought that dancing would help me be more lady-like. I want to believe she was right…

I like dancing very much, it is easy for me and I always receive very good critics. I practice every day, even when I am with exams at school or with the flu! You can only achieve perfection when you work hard and practice very much.

The bad consequences of all this dancing, however, include very ugly feet… Some students left the lessons because they did not want to have them! On the bright side, I can walk on 14.5 cm heels without hesitation. No matter how high the heels are, they will always be much more confortable than points!

I dream about becoming a famous ballerina someday and to own my own academy… Dreams, dreams, dreams…

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My Love from the Star

I am not going to talk about ‘my’ love today, do not get confused. I am going to talk about the Korean TV series of the moment: ‘My Love From the Star’ and its funny impact in the fashion industry. I cannot stop being surprised by the way tv can affect people. Not only their behavior but also their hopes, their dreams… the way of perceiving life in general. A pair of stilettos from Jimmy Choo was lying on a shelf for months, when some producer decides to put it on a Korean TV soap opera and everything changes…. The shoes are sold out all over the world in a matter of days, the internet gets drowned of counterfeits and the company orders a massive production again. In 4 months the stores are bleeding shoes and the craze does not seem to stop.

You know how passionate I am about Jimmy Choo already so, when I read THIS article in the Wall Street Journal I thought I had to share it with you. It is surprising and even a little bit scary how other’s perception can change our own. I kind of admire that there are people capable of manipulating our minds like that, without even knowing that they are doing it (apparently, Jimmy Choo did not pay for the product placement). I bet that a paid collaboration would not have had the same effect…

I love Jimmy, always have and probably always will. All this fuss around the shoes has had a reverse impact on me… I want to watch ‘My Love from the Star’!!! Because, if they have people able of perceiving the beauty of a pair of Jimmy Choos that were not that popular… they must be visionaries, or something like that…

I have checked and the shoes are currently available HERE .  They are a beauty, aren’t they? Maybe I will copy them too…

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