Briton Stripes and The End of Summer

I hope you are having a great day even though it is not August anymore! It is so weird to me that the time to lay on the beach and rest is over… I can hardly assimilate it!

Today I want to share with you the pictures of one of those summer days that are now gone. I was wearing a Briton Stripes dress by Blanco and pair of leopard sandals from Zara.

No make up, as usual!

I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!

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When in doubt wear RED

This post is not about Taylor Swift’ song (although I Loooove it and cannot help but relate the post to it all the time). This post is about a dress; one of my favorite dresses ever. It is from Mango and I love it!

I would wear this dress to every wedding I ever get invited to (and, trust me, I go to a ton of weddings) because it is light and super comfortable. I love the shape and how good it looks on pictures. It is the perfect shade of red.

Some pieces of clothing in red color can be a little bit problematic, especially for very pale people (like The Baker) because they tend to pronounce the paleness (and you end up looking like a vampire). The perfect shade of red is this one, Ferrari red, or a classic Pantone 186C.

This color is good for blondes, redheads and brunettes; pale and tanned; blue-eyed, brown-eyed, caramel-eyed, green-eyed or black-eyed. It is a color approved by wedding rules to most ceremonies and it has an amazing plus:

You will feel like a million dollars if ‘Lady in red is on the playlist!

These pictures were taken at Barcelona’s beach, at night. I could go barefoot with this dress but the other best option was this Iconic pair of Jimmy Choo Lance sandals in Bronze that I mixed with a Multicolor Glitter Clutch, also from Jimmy Choo.

I wore no jewelry except for my gold earrings. Again, almost no makeup except for tons of mascara.

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My Love from the Star

I am not going to talk about ‘my’ love today, do not get confused. I am going to talk about the Korean TV series of the moment: ‘My Love From the Star’ and its funny impact in the fashion industry. I cannot stop being surprised by the way tv can affect people. Not only their behavior but also their hopes, their dreams… the way of perceiving life in general. A pair of stilettos from Jimmy Choo was lying on a shelf for months, when some producer decides to put it on a Korean TV soap opera and everything changes…. The shoes are sold out all over the world in a matter of days, the internet gets drowned of counterfeits and the company orders a massive production again. In 4 months the stores are bleeding shoes and the craze does not seem to stop.

You know how passionate I am about Jimmy Choo already so, when I read THIS article in the Wall Street Journal I thought I had to share it with you. It is surprising and even a little bit scary how other’s perception can change our own. I kind of admire that there are people capable of manipulating our minds like that, without even knowing that they are doing it (apparently, Jimmy Choo did not pay for the product placement). I bet that a paid collaboration would not have had the same effect…

I love Jimmy, always have and probably always will. All this fuss around the shoes has had a reverse impact on me… I want to watch ‘My Love from the Star’!!! Because, if they have people able of perceiving the beauty of a pair of Jimmy Choos that were not that popular… they must be visionaries, or something like that…

I have checked and the shoes are currently available HERE .  They are a beauty, aren’t they? Maybe I will copy them too…

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Ugly Shoes are not Ugly

Today I want to share with you a much more casual and everyday outfit than the usual. I wear it to meet my friends, to hang out or to go to the cinema. I wear the skirt to my dance lessons sometimes. I assure you that this is not the last time you see it!

The key thing about this look is the fact that I wear an evening clutch as an everyday bag. It is super confortable and light and I could easy wear it with an evening dress and heeled sandals and look very appropiate.

The funny thing about this outfit are the shoes. The baker hated them since minute 1 and I could see disgust in her eyes through the lenses of the camera all the time. That is why there are no close ups of the shoes, I guess…

I like to be the kind of person who can easily wear a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos or a pair of ugly shoes like these and not feel like I am losing part of my identity. I hate when people say that because of wearing a certain bag, dress or similar, they feel like some celebrity or they feel like they are better people. I am who I am and a pair of shoes will not change that. They will make me look slimmer, taller or more pretty but never like a different person.

I hope you like the outfit as much as I do.

Skirt: Zara

Blouse: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Clutch: Jimmy Choo

Bracelet: Bvlgari

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