From Points to Heels

I have been trying to relax but it has been an impossible mission… The weather was not very helpful either, it was raining all day and I almost forgot we are supposed to be in summer! It is very depressing.

As those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already know, today I will write about something I have been doing ever since I learnt how to walk. Dance.

My mother says I was a slow learner when it came to learn how to walk. However, I was much faster when it came to speak! It took me a while to be on two feet and she thought that dancing would help me be more lady-like. I want to believe she was right…

I like dancing very much, it is easy for me and I always receive very good critics. I practice every day, even when I am with exams at school or with the flu! You can only achieve perfection when you work hard and practice very much.

The bad consequences of all this dancing, however, include very ugly feet… Some students left the lessons because they did not want to have them! On the bright side, I can walk on 14.5 cm heels without hesitation. No matter how high the heels are, they will always be much more confortable than points!

I dream about becoming a famous ballerina someday and to own my own academy… Dreams, dreams, dreams…

cristina / 22/07/2015 / Ballet, Fashion, shoes / 0 Comments