Sometimes I think about life and all that comes to my mind is how different it is for each one of us. No matter that we are all living on the same planet at the same time. We are all enduring (or enjoying) different circumstances.

I used to think that every person chooses its own path and you cannot complain about where it has taken you. However, a few days ago I read in one of those inspirational painting that are being sold on etsy that we must be nice to others as they are all fighting a war we know nothing about.

Isn’t It true? You may be the best student in class and do everything in your hand to become a great doctor and find the cure to cancer but maybe what is in your hand is not enough and your circumstances will force you to become something else.

Life should be easy. We only have one that we know of.

It should be like dancing over the sand in a Carolina Herrera evening gown at sunset…

Oh, god! I love the beach!!!

cristina / 18/02/2015 / Ballet / 0 Comments