The Perfect Silver Wedding Shoes for Your Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most remarkable memories people could ever have in their lives. And since it is a precious milestone, it is of no wonder why couples tend to pour in so much effort, time and money for its preparation. Take note that even with the slightest details in wedding, everything matters. Wedding heels, for example. Although shoes, sometimes, are the last thing considered by the bride, they play an undoubted crucial role in the whole ceremony. Surely, every bride would love to have the best pair of heels when they get to the altar with the man they love, right?

The most common and often considered shade for such occasion is the silver wedding shoes. This is because of the fact that the color silver represents purity, serenity and simplicity. Aside from this, it is also one of the few colors that go well with any shade.

The Edge of Silver Shoes in Weddings

While we have mentioned the versatility of silver wedding shoes, another known fact that made them a famous option for such gathering is that they have just the perfect rhinestone that helps in enhancing the details of the wedding dress. However, since shoes are really crucial for the overall aura, it would be best to try them on with the dress when you’ve scheduled for the dress rehearsal.

Picking the Shade

In order to pick the perfect-fitting ones, an important reminder that every Shop Lilian bride should consider is to watch out for shade of wedding heels. Keep in mind that a single color comes in varied shades making it quite overwhelming when picking for the right ones. With this, be sure to always make time and effort in fitting the pair of heels together with your dress. This will allow you to picture out how you’d look like on your wedding day.

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Silver Wedding Shoes – Add Class and Style to that Wedding Gown

Silver color represents opulence and elegance. The way silver shines and sparkles convey a stylish and classy feel that cannot be simply got from other colors. Compared to gold, silver look is more understated. While gold grabs people’s attention and assaults their senses, silver softly lures people in and traps them with its instinctive exquisiteness. This is why silver wedding shoes are ideal for a bride who wants to be the prettiest lady during her special day. Complete the look of that perfect wedding dress with silver wedding shoes. Unlike white shoes, sparkly shoes that have sparkly heels are a great way of completing your look.

The Advantages of Silver Wedding Shoes


One of the qualities of sliver wedding shoes is versatility. They can go well with whatever color and style of wedding dress that you are planning to wear. You can even wear the shoes before the big day on the wedding shower or even during the reception after the wedding. If you have a wedding gown that has rhinestones on it then it is advisable to seriously consider buying sparkly shoes. The sparkly silver color will flawlessly complement the shiny stones on the wedding dress. The rhinestones in the dress will just pop when paired with silver wedding heels.

Cost effective

Some people have the impression that silver wedding shoes cost a small fortune and that is why they avoid purchasing such a pair. It is only the shiny color of silver that normally gives the perception of being expensive. But the truth is, buying silver shoes – even if they are relatively pricier than other types of shoes will save you some cash in the long run. This is due to their versatility as already mentioned above. They can be worn to other events. Wedding shoes shouldn’t be a one-occasion pair. Silver wedding shoes are practical due to the mileage that they offer, particularly if Shop Lilian they are tough enough to last for several years. Another good thing about this type of shoes is that they aren’t only great for formal occasions but can even be worn with jeans for casual events.

For sure, not all silver wedding shoes are made equal. Some shoes are better than others.

Below are some few things to look for if you are shopping for silver wedding shoes:

The shoes should be durable. It is not wrong to pay a considerable amount of money for shoes but at least the price of your wedding shoes should be worth it. Don’t buy shoes that will break while you are walking down the aisle.

They should be timeless-looking. Get classic-looking pair instead of shoes that may be in fashion at the moment but would look ridiculous a few years later. No woman wants to cringe while viewing her wedding photos or videos in the future.

They  should be unique. Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life so it’s important to ensure that you stand out. Get unique shoes to embody your unique personality. Silver wedding footwear is must-have on the best day of your life. So put the best foot forward with elegant

silver wedding shoes this wedding season.

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Getting the Perfect Sparkly Wedding Shoes and Heels

Are shoes important for your big day? Definitely. So choose the perfect one for your wedding, but is not always easy. Here are some guidelines to help your choose not only the right wedding shoe, but the one that you’ve always fantasized about.

Types of wedding shoes.

It’s not all about the shoes and your feet or toe nail. Assess the overall picture, what type of dress are youwearing, where will your wedding party be held at and whether you need to walk a lot.High heels. This will be the most common heels for wedding dinners. Whether it is extra high orjust high heels, you can choose the type of heels you would want to wear. If your wedding will be held at the beach, it is definitely better to get wedges. The wider surface area from wedges will assert lesser pressure on the sandy floor so that your don’t sink in and wedges are more comfortable!

If you really want a pair of stiletto and a wedding party by the beach side, layer the sandy floors with carpets at where you will be walking. Especially own the aisle.

Flat sandals. These are definitely not so common but who says brides don’t wear sandals? It’s up to you. In fact, you can get a creamy or white sparkly sandals when you are at the reception and you have to run errands. This will make you feel so much more comfortable and prevent you from falling or tripping over.

You can definitely wear this for your beach wedding party too!

Mid heels.lf You already have the height, naturally, then there is no need for extra high heels. Or if your groom is not much taller than you, then is better to stick with mid heels to give your man the appearance that he is nevertheless taller than you. This is perfect if as it is not too unsteady compared to high heels and not too flat compared to flats. It gives you height and stability, so why not?

All about sparkles.lf You are dreaming of the most sparkly and fairytale-like wedding, nothing is stopping you from getting all thejewels and sparks you can on your pair of heels!

Sparkles on your shoes. Get a sparkly heels from the bridal shop! You can have front decorations such as a bow, beautiful white or blue rose, crystals on your shoe. This will give you lots of sparkles at the front of your shoes. If you want it to be more bold, get a front decoration which is a different color from the rest of your shoes. For example a red ruby crystal flower on you white heels. This will bring out your shoes and give it more attention.

If you are into the classy and simple but gorgeous sparkling shoe, then get rhinestones or crystals just on the stripes of your heels, at random places orjust around the edges of your shoes. This will give you a classy look and help blend your feet perfectly with your dress and smooth down the entire look.

Sparkles on your heels. Its not only the body of the shoes that needs attention. Spark your heels up too! If you are those who loves sparkles on the heels, wear a pair of extra high heels so that you have more room to work with. It can be a glittery, filled-with-rhinestone, crystal or glass heels. You can also accessories your heels the way you would the front of your shoes. If you think having the trimmed crystal red rose on the front of your shoe is too mainstream, place it on the top back of your heels. Or get many smaller red crystal roses and decorate the whole of your heels with it.

Sparkles on budget.

You want all the sparks possible for your big day but your purse is running dry, not to fret. Is not always going to be too expensive. Rhinestones and crystals are definitely more expensive than a shoe that has glittery texture. So you can opt for shoes with glitters that still sparkles compared to those with expensive Swarovski gems.

What if I am on a budget, I don’t want glitters but I still want the sparkles?!Not to fret, everything is under control. Firstly if you are on a budget, think carefully if you really need sparkles on your shoes. If you are wearing a long ball gown dress, then most probably your heels will be covered most of the time so you might want to sparkle up some other places such as your hair accessories which is constantly available for all to see. For sheath, mini or tea-length wedding dresses then spend more on your shoes because there will be in the spotlight too!

DlY your own sparkling heels or shoes! Get a plain cream, mint, white or any choice of color you wish for you heels. Then, go to shops with beautifully hair clips for sales and buy one you wish to accessories the front of your shoe. You can remove the back side of the hair clip and only glue the decorated rhinestone bow or flower on your shoe with a super strong glue. Sew it down if you need tom to keep it in place. If your budget can be higher, then purchase gems or rhinestones crystals that you can glue on the straps of your heels.

Does it have to be a silver, sparking shoes or heels? Lace is cheaper and they are classy too. Kate Middleton wore a lace wedding shoes, this is something to think of if you are really low on your budget.

Custom made Perfect Wedding Sparkly Shoe. Can’t find your dream shoe anywhere? Custom made your own. A website that might come in handy is the where you can Shop Lilian design your own shoes from sandals to boots to heels with different materials and accessories, then purchase it!

Some tips to stay comfortable in your sparkly heels!- Break into your heels before your wedding day. Get use to it and know which part of the shoe is hurting you. This way you can buy some band aid to stick it on. Also, add some cushions or pads into your heels to make it more comfortable for you.

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How to Choose the Perfect sparkly wedding shoes

For most women, their love for shoes is actually a lifelong thing that is often undeterred by some things like comfort and practicality. However, choosing the best wedding shoes for your special day ShopLilian can prove to be difficult and challenging. That’s why it’s important to consider certain factors when looking for specific kind of shoes for your special wedding day. If you’re looking for silver  wedding shoes, here some pointers to help you choose the perfect pair of shoes.

1. The theme of your shoes

Most bribes-to-be like to theme their weddings, so it will be a good idea to involve your wedding heels in your preferred theme as well. Look for silver wedding shoes that will be in-line with your hearted silver-themed wedding. If you’ve a  flair for themes and style, try to make sure that everything is flawless. Try to match all your embellishments up — silver-colored jewels, a sparkly dress or other pearl features can do for you.

2. Choose the right heel height for you

If you’re a stiletto-loving bride you may need to compromise on heel-height, consider if your husband-to-be will be in any way embarrassed during wedding photos or at the altar, especially if you’re towering above him. Simply buy wedding heels with a heel height you’ll be comfortable with. It may backfire if a sudden desire to begin tottering in five-inch heels because it’s your special day, just stick to your height.

3. Collaborate with  your wedding dress

If you’re looking for the right wedding shoes, work your silver wedding dress  to find the right silver pair of shoes. You can use material swatches to compare and contrast your shoes and dress. When choosing silver wedding heels, make sure your dress is also silver. Always choose a shoe that matches your wedding dress color.

4. Pick the style of shoes you love

A need for your feet to be ultra-comfortable all day long doesn’t simply mean jeopardizing on a given style. Pick silver wedding shoes you will love wearing and treasure for many years to come. Unlike a wedding dress, if you choose the right pair can be used again in other future events. You want to feel sexy and beautiful on your special moment, good shoes is the best pick-me-up. Avoid fretting over following fashion trends.

5. Pick wedding shoes compatible to the wedding surroundings

Choose a pair of shoes suitable and matching your wedding venue. For instance, wedding heels that are flats and wedges are suitable for garden weddings and for beach weddings, silver flat sandals can do best. Basically, there is a variety of bridal silver wedding heels available out there to suit various wedding environments.

Conclusively, when looking for the right silver wedding shoes, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. They will help you find the best pair of shoes to wear during your special occasion.

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Briton Stripes and The End of Summer

I hope you are having a great day even though it is not August anymore! It is so weird to me that the time to lay on the beach and rest is over… I can hardly assimilate it!

Today I want to share with you the pictures of one of those summer days that are now gone. I was wearing a Briton Stripes dress by Blanco and pair of leopard sandals from Zara.

No make up, as usual!

I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!

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