Silver Wedding Shoes – Add Class and Style to that Wedding Gown

Silver color represents opulence and elegance. The way silver shines and sparkles convey a stylish and classy feel that cannot be simply got from other colors. Compared to gold, silver look is more understated. While gold grabs people’s attention and assaults their senses, silver softly lures people in and traps them with its instinctive exquisiteness. This is why silver wedding shoes are ideal for a bride who wants to be the prettiest lady during her special day. Complete the look of that perfect wedding dress with silver wedding shoes. Unlike white shoes, sparkly shoes that have sparkly heels are a great way of completing your look.

The Advantages of Silver Wedding Shoes


One of the qualities of sliver wedding shoes is versatility. They can go well with whatever color and style of wedding dress that you are planning to wear. You can even wear the shoes before the big day on the wedding shower or even during the reception after the wedding. If you have a wedding gown that has rhinestones on it then it is advisable to seriously consider buying sparkly shoes. The sparkly silver color will flawlessly complement the shiny stones on the wedding dress. The rhinestones in the dress will just pop when paired with silver wedding heels.

Cost effective

Some people have the impression that silver wedding shoes cost a small fortune and that is why they avoid purchasing such a pair. It is only the shiny color of silver that normally gives the perception of being expensive. But the truth is, buying silver shoes – even if they are relatively pricier than other types of shoes will save you some cash in the long run. This is due to their versatility as already mentioned above. They can be worn to other events. Wedding shoes shouldn’t be a one-occasion pair. Silver wedding shoes are practical due to the mileage that they offer, particularly if Shop Lilian they are tough enough to last for several years. Another good thing about this type of shoes is that they aren’t only great for formal occasions but can even be worn with jeans for casual events.

For sure, not all silver wedding shoes are made equal. Some shoes are better than others.

Below are some few things to look for if you are shopping for silver wedding shoes:

The shoes should be durable. It is not wrong to pay a considerable amount of money for shoes but at least the price of your wedding shoes should be worth it. Don’t buy shoes that will break while you are walking down the aisle.

They should be timeless-looking. Get classic-looking pair instead of shoes that may be in fashion at the moment but would look ridiculous a few years later. No woman wants to cringe while viewing her wedding photos or videos in the future.

They  should be unique. Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life so it’s important to ensure that you stand out. Get unique shoes to embody your unique personality. Silver wedding footwear is must-have on the best day of your life. So put the best foot forward with elegant

silver wedding shoes this wedding season.

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